[Coral-List] top-down, bottom-up arguments

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Tue Oct 10 10:14:42 EDT 2006

Dear Mr. Shinn and interested Coral-List readers:

I believe that Professor Terry Hughes from James Cook University,  
Townsville Australia (and associates) has conducted some large scale  
studies in this, and other relative areas.  If interested, please  
refer to the publications cited below, I hope they may be of some  

Connell, J.H., T.P. Hughes, C. Wallace, J. E. Tanner, K. E. Harms and  
A. M. Kerr. A longterm
study of competition and diversity of corals. Ecological Monographs  
74: 179-210

Ayre, D.J., and T.P. Hughes. Climate change, genotypic diversity and  
gene flow in reefbuilding
corals. Ecology Letters 7: 273-278 (2004).

Bellwood, D.R., T.P. Hughes, C. Folke, and M. Nyström. 2004.  
Confronting the coral reef
crisis. Nature. (24th June 2004, In Press).

Hughes, T.P., A.H. Baird, D.R. Bellwood, M. Card, S.R. Connolly, C.  
Folke, R. Grosberg,
O. Hoegh-Guldberg, J.B.C. Jackson, J. Kleypas, J.M. Lough, P.  
Marshall, M. Nyström,
S.R. Palumbi, J.M. Pandolfi, B. Rosen, J. Roughgarden. Climate  
Change, Human
Impacts, and the Resilience of Coral Reefs. Science 301, 929-933 (2003).

Hughes, T.P., A.H. Baird, E.A. Dinsdale, N.A. Moltschaniwskyj, M.S.  
Pratchett, J.E. Tanner,
and B.L. Willis. Latitudinal patterns in larval recruitment:  
Detecting regional variation
using meta-analysis and large-scale sampling. Ecology 83: 436-451  

Hughes, T.P., Bellwood, D.R., and S.R. Connolly. Biodiversity  
hotspots, centers of
endemicity, and the conservation of coral reefs. Ecology Letters 5:  
775-784 (2002).

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On 10/10/2006, at 1:00 AM, Gene Shinn wrote:

> As a person who began diving in the Florida Keys in 1950, I have
> appreciated the series of nutrient/Diadema discussions set in motion
> by Martin Moe.  Hopefully all this fuss  will stimulate someone to do
> large scale  experiments, especially ones that examine the effects of
> various nutrient levels on corals in controlled conditions. Will no
> agency will fund such a study?  Incidentally, a similar top-down
> versus bottom-up battle  over the health of Kelp beds is raging in
> California (see letters in Science vol. 313, 22 September 2006, pages
> 1737-1739).  It will be interesting to see what comes from all this
> debate once the dust has has settled. Gene
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