[Coral-List] Philippines Air Photos and Remote Sensing

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Wed Oct 11 18:51:35 EDT 2006

Hello Coral Listers!
I'm a Marine Science Graduate student at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington and am trying to nail down some good data for my research in the Philippines.  I just spent a month this past June in the Philippines doing research, only to come home with even more ideas and dilemmas.  Money is the biggest issue, so I am swaying towards using aerial photography and remote sensing as a means to historically study reef changes and somehow show a relationship with coastal development.  I know the military has had a major influence in the Philippines, but I don't even know where to begin asking for photos/remote sensing.  Any suggestions on how to obtain photos, both recent and historical?
Also, if you know of any journal articles relating to coastal development and reef degradation and/or the use of air photos/remote sensing, I would greatly appreciate them (even if it's not for the Philippines specifically).
Thank you for your time!
Amanda Williams
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