[Coral-List] Should we have a photo journal for ecologists, ethologists and other biology groups?

Michael Arvedlund arvedlund at speedpost.net
Thu Oct 19 15:18:09 EDT 2006

Dear everybody, 

My colleague recently suggested to me that it might be a good idea to
establish a refereed photo journal for ecologists, ethologists (and
perhaps other biology fields). Cutting costs to all the potential colour
images could be done by launching an entirely web-based journal. 

Having submitted yet another potential Reef Site note, and having a
confirmation mail again emphasizing that Coral Reefs are drowning under
an immense amount of Reef Site Note submissions, I and my colleague
that there may be a need for such a photo journal? 

I am not sure if this is a good or or bad idea, but I believe
it would be worthwhile debating. Please correct and inform me, if
such a journal already exist: I am not aware of any.

I wonder if Nikon, Canon and other similar companies would be 
interested in sponsoring such a journal?

Cheers, Mike

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