[Coral-List] Correction

Michael Arvedlund arvedlund at speedpost.net
Thu Oct 19 16:48:39 EDT 2006

Dear everybody,

A correction for a mistake I have committed in a recent mail to the
list, as pointed out from a Coral Reef editor: "the Journal Coral Reef
receive approximately twice as many submissions compared 
to the space available. Of the half that are rejected at least
one half of those are not acceptable for other reasons." 

I mentioned that Coral Reefs are currently drowning in Reef Site
submissions. This is not correct, but entirely my mistake, therefore -
my apologies. 

I am still interested in a debate about a potential photo journal.

Sincerely, Mike

Dr. Michael Arvedlund
Reef Consultants
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2000 Frederiksberg Denmark - Europe

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