[Coral-List] NOAA announces funding for K-12 Environmental Literacy Projects

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Mon Oct 23 07:48:37 EDT 2006

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NOAA Announces New Funding For Environmental Literacy Projects

Title: Environmental Literacy Grants for K-12 Education*

NOAA's Office of Education (OED) is requesting applications for 
environmental literacy projects in support of K-12 education.  Funded 
projects will have a duration of one and five years and will promote 
changes in K-12 education to expand the amount of Earth System Science 
taught in the classroom and improve student learning of that subject. 
Successful projects will catalyze change in K-12 education through 
development of new programs and/or materials, and/or revision of 
existing programs and/or materials by supporting transformative methods 
that expand the use of Earth System Science in K-12 classrooms. Projects 
are encouraged to further the use of Earth System Science concepts, such 
as the concepts articulated in the Ocean Literacy Essential Principles 
and Fundamental Concepts 

Projects might focus on the education of pre-service teachers or the
professional development for inservice teachers where it supports the
creation and retention of highly qualified teachers, e.g. creation of an
Earth System Science certification program; and/or the development of
new, or modification of existing K-12 curricula and related
instructional materials. Projects focusing on pre-service education of
teachers should involve colleges of education or other entities that
provide pre-service teacher education. Projects focusing on inservice
teacher professional development should involve state departments of
education and/or school districts as appropriate. Projects focusing on
the development of new, or modification of existing, curricula and
related instructional materials should be able to demonstrate how they
will address the relevant state standards, support state or national
assessments, and be disseminated at the state or multi-state level.
Note: projects that focus on free-choice learning or development of new
data visualizations and platforms will not be considered for funding
through this announcement.

All projects shall employ the relevant strategies articulated in the
NOAA Education Plan ([2]http://www.oesd.noaa.gov/NOAA_Ed_Plan.pdf).  All
projects should be implemented at a state or multi-state level and have
evaluations that fully assess the strengths and weaknesses of the
proposed project.  It is anticipated that final recommendations for
funding under this announcement will be made by June 30, 2007, and that
projects funded under this announcement will have a start date no
earlier than September 15, 2007.

Pre-proposals are *REQUIRED and are due Wednesday, November 29, 2006*.

Full proposals are due Wednesday, March 21, 2007.

Visit [3]http://www.oesd.noaa.gov/funding_opps.html for the full
announcement and additional information.

This funding opportunity's ID on grants.gov is SEC-OED-2007-2000863.

/**Please do not respond to this email with inquiries.**/

Kimberly E. Benson
NOAA/Office of Education
Herbert C. Hoover Building, Room 6863
14th and Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20230
Phone: (202) 482-4592
Fax:   (202) 482-0742


   1. http://www.coexploration.org/oceanliteracy/documents/OceanLitConcepts_10.11.05.pdf
   2. http://www.oesd.noaa.gov/NOAA_Ed_Plan.pdf
   3. http://www.oesd.noaa.gov/funding_opps.html

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