[Coral-List] CRTR scholarships: developing country students and scholars

Ove Hoegh-Guldberg oveh at uq.edu.au
Mon Oct 30 10:45:33 EST 2006

Scholarship Announcement: New Frontiers in Cellular Interactions in
Cnidarian/Dinoflagellate Symbioses


A workshop is scheduled for Jan 22-27 2007 in Brisbane (University of
Queensland, Australia) and on Heron Island, at the southern end of the
Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  Funded by the Australian Research
Council, National Science Foundation and the University of Queensland,
this workshop will bring together experts in the field of
cnidarian/dinoflagellate symbiosis with cell biologists and other
animal/microbe interaction biologists to discuss recent discoveries and
future directions.  This will include a laboratory- and field-based
introduction to cnidarian/dinoflagellate symbioses, and introduction to
state-of-the-art cellular techniques.  


As this subject area is fundamental to topics such coral bleaching and
disease, this workshop will establish an exciting and timely dialogue in
an area of global significance.  The Working Group on Coral Bleaching of
the Coral Reef Targeted Research Project (www.gefcoral.org
<http://www.gefcoral.org/> ) is keen on enabling access for developing
country scholars and students to this forum.  With this in mind, several
scholarships have been made available to bring developing country
scholars and students to this meeting.  The scholarships will support
travel, accommodation, food and workshop costs.


Interested students and scholars from developing countries should send
their curriculum vitae plus a short (1000 words) on the
importance/relevance of the workshop to their research areas and careers
to Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg (oveh at uq.edu.au) at Centre for Marine
Studies at the University of Queensland.  Please place "CRTR
scholarships" in the email subject line.  Applications must be submitted
by email no later than Nov 30, 2006.  


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