[Coral-List] New octocoral website

Michael Janes mpjanes at aquatouch.com
Wed Sep 6 12:50:10 EDT 2006

Dear fellow list members,

I am pleased to announce the formation of a new website for anyone involved in octocoral studies. The Octocoral Resource Network is a platform for scientists to interact with each other, share their work, provide meeting announcements, and foster new developments in soft coral research. This site is the result of a brief meeting held during the Asia Pacific Coral Reef Symposium in Hong Kong this past June. At the meeting octocoral specialists discussed ways to improve communication and mentor the next generation of students.

Though still under development, the Octocoral Resource Network is a content driven site. I encourage anyone with information relevant to the octocoral community to consider contributing their meeting or paper announcements, questions, photographs, and comments. The site can be found at:


Thank you for supporting the future of soft coral studies.


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