[Coral-List] spawning in the caribbean

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Sun Sep 10 13:33:19 EDT 2006

Dear sir,

Next September 13th and 14th I will be recording the spawning of some
species of coral (Montastraea annularis, Montastraea faveolata
and Montastraea franksi) in the Caribbean, more exactly, at the Corales del
Rosario National Park near Cartagena, Colombia. Although I have been adviced
the spawning will take place six or seven days after full moon (the full
moon is on the 7th) I wonder if perhaps another factor I have missed out
will affect the spawning, water temperature.... The time is between 9 and
10p.m. I have been told by my advisors that this year is more probable than
others that th espawning will take place. why is this so.....will the
spawning happen again in october?
any last considerations...
I received this email from one of my advisors, shes optimistic, which makes
me optimistic too, she forwarded it to me:

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Subject: [Coral-List] Gulf of Mexico spawning predictions?

> Hello,
> Is there any expectation that the bulk of Gulf of Mexico (eastern)
> spawning
> will follow the September full moon instead of August?  The full moon
> comes
> earlier than 2005, and SST's for July are a bit cooler than in 2005
> 2004.
> Cheers,
> Matt Lybolt

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