[Coral-List] Last Call: Caribbean Bleaching Event Workshop at ITMEMS 3, Cozumel, Mexico, Oct 15, 2006

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Wed Sep 13 10:53:32 EDT 2006

   This  is  a  reminder  that registration is due by September 15, 2006.
   Apologies for cross-posting.
   ANNOUNCEMENT:  Pre-ITMEMS  Workshop  "2005  Caribbean Bleaching Event:
   Response and Assessment"
   Cozumel, Mexico, 15 October 2006,

   (see   [2]http://www.itmems.org/   for   more   information   on   the
   International   Tropical  Marine  Ecosystems  Management  Symposium  3

   A  Workshop  for  Caribbean  Coral  Reef  or MPA Managers, Enforcement
   Officers, Field Biologists & Interested Parties

   This  half-day workshop is being offered as a Pre-ITMEMS activity, and
   is  designed  for  coral reef and MPA resource managers, environmental
   assessment  specialists, marine field investigators, advanced students
   and  litigators.  Participants  will  report  on  the  2005  Caribbean
   Bleaching  Event  (CBE)  and  discuss  needs  for further response and
   assessment. It will occur the afternoon of Sunday, October 15, 2006.

   The  workshop will involve presentations from researchers and managers
   in  the  Caribbean  region, and discussions on (1) the total extent of
   bleaching,  mortality,  recovery, and survival of affected corals, (2)
   next steps in the response and assessment effort, and (3) planning for
   future events in this region.

   In  2005, coral reefs in the wider Caribbean suffered a widespread and
   severe  bleaching  event that has resulted in extensive coral death in
   much of the region. NOAA's Coral Reef Watch first alerted managers and
   scientists  about  bleaching  conditions in the Florida Keys in August
   2005,  and  issued  alerts  for  Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands
   (USVI)   in   September   2005.  Thermal  stress  measured  from  NOAA
   Polar-orbiting  Operational  Environmental Satellite (POES) satellites
   exceeded  values  that  trigger  mass bleaching throughout most of the
   Caribbean  and  reached  nearly  twice  that value around the northern
   Lesser  Antilles near the USVI. Corresponding with these alerts, coral
   bleaching  has  been  reported  in much of the Caribbean. The US Coral
   Reef  Task  Force (USCRTF) and the International Coral Reef Initiative
   both  passed  resolutions  in November 2005 to mobilize efforts across
   the  Caribbean  to  monitor, assess, and research short- and long-term
   impacts of the 2005 warming and bleaching event.

   The  half  day  workshop  is  to be held immediately before the ITMEMS
   meeting and would be organized as outlined below:
    1. Presentations  from Caribbean researchers and managers on the 2005
       Caribbean Bleaching Event.
    2. Discussion: next steps in the response and assessment effort.
    3. Discussion: planning for future events in the Caribbean.

                         Preliminary Workshop Plan

   Organizers: Dr. Mark Eakin ([3]Mark.Eakin at noaa.gov) and Jessica Morgan
   ([4]Jessica.Morgan at noaa.gov).

   Presentations  are  15  minutes  long,  with  5 additional minutes for

    12:00 Caribbean 2005 Bleaching Response - Introduction - Mark Eakin
   Description of the event and NOAA's involvement, SST records from the
      Coral Reef Watch Program, Regional patterns of bleaching (e.g.,
     summary of data so far), ICRI and USCRTF Resolutions on bleaching,
                    Regional surveys (AGRRA, ReefCheck)
                         13:00-15:00 Presentations
                             15:00-15:20 Break
                             15:20 Future Plans
                           16:00 Open Discussion
      Research priorities, Manager's needs, Gaps in spatial coverage,
            Monitoring approaches, Ways to improve collaboration
                  17:00 Discussion: Where to go from here?
     Documenting the event, How do we prepare for next time?, Resource
   needs, Rapid response teams, Interactions with managers, GCRMN Special
                     Report, Coral Reefs special issue

   Both  the  length of presentations and the length of the workshop will
   be  determined by the number of registrants. If there are a sufficient
   number of presentations, we will begin in the morning. Please register
   soon to indicate your participation.

   Cost per person: Free

   Deadline  for  registration:  September  15, 2006. To register, please
   copy  the  form  below  into  an  email,  fill  it  out,  and  send to
   [5]coralreefwatch at noaa.gov. The workshop will have a limited number of
   participants   and  registrations  will  be  evaluated  in  the  order

   For     more     information,     please     contact     Mark    Eakin
   ([6]mark.eakin at noaa.gov) or Jessica Morgan
   ([7]jessica.morgan at noaa.gov).

                     Workshop Registration Information:

   Copy  the  form  below  into  an  email,  fill  it  out,  and email to
   [8]coralreefwatch at noaa.gov. The deadline for registration is September
   15, 2006.
   If  you  would  like  to  present  your findings on the 2005 Caribbean
   Bleaching  Event,  or  if  you  would  like  to  suggest  a  topic for
   discussion, please submit a short abstract, statement, or question (in
   English,  no  more  than  500  words) to [9]coralreefwatch at noaa.gov no
   later  than  September  15,  2006.   Titles,  abstracts, and a list of
   participants  will be printed in the workshop program.  Please plan to
   conduct your presentation and discussion in English.

   Participant information:

   Position Title:

   I have formal background, or am directly involved, in the following:
     * Coral Reef Resource Management
     * Coral Reef Monitoring
     * Natural Resource Enforcement
     * MPA Management
     * Government Agency
     * University
     * NGO
     * Private Company

   Why do want to participate in this Caribbean Bleaching Event Workshop?

   What do you bring to the workshop that will contribute to its success?

   If  you  would  like  to  report  on field data, please indicate which
   region/ country/ jurisdiction:
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   1. http://www.itmems.org/bleaching.html
   2. http://www.itmems.org/
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   4. mailto:Jessica.Morgan at noaa.gov
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