[Coral-List] Gulf (ROPME) warm water?

Fadlalla, Yusef H yusef.fadlalla at aramco.com
Sat Sep 16 01:29:23 EDT 2006

On the Saudi coast of the Gulf, there were three reports of fish kills;
all in enclosed bays.  A visit to one of the sites -northern Tarut Bay-
noted a fish kill near a sewage treatment plant outfall that releases
secondary treated sewage to the bay, as well as a landfilling project.
Color of seawater at the site was quite reddish, suggesting an algal
bloom that may have caused the death of the fish either directly
(toxicity), or indirectly (oxygen depletion).  In that last few years,
and in other same bay system, several fish kills were reported, all in
areas of high organic waste input and reduced circulation (landfilling).

We have not heard reports of coral bleaching along the Saudi coast this
summer (though it was warm this year), but that does not mean there were
no bleaching events.  However I recall that during previous major
bleaching events (summers of 1996 and 1998), fish kills were not


Yusef Fadlalla

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>Dear Iain,
>In 2003 high thermal stresses were observed in the northern regions of
>ROPME Sea Area and in 2001 levels were witnessed being even higher than
>being presently observed this year.  These values can be seen on our
>Degree Heating Weeks pages for Coral Reef Watch...
>...that are being used to assess present levels [and historical, I
>add] of thermal stress associated with coral reef bleaching.  We have
>noted over past years that frequently this same product exhibits some
>utility for other ecosystem heat-related anomalies outside the coral
>realm....this may be one of those situations.
>Please keep us informed...other speculations sought...
>Al Strong
>Coral Reef Watch Consultant
>Iain Macdonald wrote:
>> Dear Listers,
>>   I was wanting to ask if anybody working in the ROPME sea area has
observed higher than
>normal seawater temperatures for the last few weeks. I have read
reports in local papers of a
>fish kill that was linked to seawater temperature. This may make an
interesting post session
>discussion at the Bremen meeting. I will try and get some data.
>>   Best regards,
>>   Iain Macd.
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