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>Subject: PIRATA meeting: Miami, November 1-3.
>Date: Monday 25 September 2006 12:29
>From: Rick Lumpkin <Rick.Lumpkin at noaa.gov>

Dear all:

The PIRATA-12 meeting will be held in Miami, Florida USA
on November 1-3, at the RSMAS/University of Miami campus
on Virginia Key.  Hotel information will be available shortly
at http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/phod/pirata12.html .
The PIRATA project aims at better understanding Tropical
Atlantic climate processes through moored buoys and other
observations; for more information, see
http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/pirata/ .

Please forward this e-mail to anyone who may be interested!

On day two (Nov. 2), scientific presentations related to the
tropical Atlantic meeting will be given in the RSMAS
auditorium.  All are invited to attend.  If you would like
to give a presentation, please submit an abstract to
Rick.Lumpkin at noaa.gov.  The deadline for submission is
October 13, 2006.

The planned agenda for the meeting follows:

  Wednesday, November 1

  0830-1000: PIRATA Science Steering Committee (SSC)
  0930-1000: registration.
  1000-1230 Session 1 - Status of PIRATA review,
        implementation status of PIRATA
        (including PIRATA-Brazil, PIRATA-France,
        PIRATA-US, and extensions: SWE, SEE, NEE).
  1400-1800 Session 2 - Institutional and International
        Organization, including IRD, Meteo-France, INPE,
        CLIVAR, OOPC.

  Thursday, November 2

  0930-1230 Session 3 - PIRATA scientific data and its
        contribution to climate forecasting and prediction
        - summary/report of TAV meeting (Paris, October)
        - Presentations, 15-20 minutes each.
  1400-1600 Session 3, continued
        + open discussion about PIRATA scientific goals,
        links to TACE, CLIVAR, AMMA, etc.
  1600-1800 Poster viewing

  Friday, November 3

  0930-1230 PIRATA Resources Board (PRB) meeting:
        logistics and operations needed before the next MoU,
    new data sets, new MoU, ship time, financial contributions
    to PIRATA.
  1400-1800  Session 4 - PIRATA-12 report, membership,
        adopted resolutions and recommendations.
        Report of PRB meeting.
    Election of a Chair and Vice-Chair.
    Date and venue of next PIRATA SSC and PRB meetings.

Dr. Rick Lumpkin  (Rick.Lumpkin at noaa.gov)
NOAA/AOML/Physical Oceanography Division


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