[Coral-List] Areas of Potential Bleaching in Caribbean

Steven Miller smiller at gate.net
Tue Sep 26 17:27:17 EDT 2006

Why don't we coral-listers start using the word "heating" instead of 
warming, as suggested by James Lovelock and probably others too.  It's a 
simple change that better describes the negative consequences of the 
phenomenon.  Warming sounds like a good thing.  Heating, maybe not. 

Mark, maybe you can get NOAA to adopt this terminology?



Mark Eakin wrote:

>Warming continues in the area around the northern Lesser Antilles.   
>While it looks like the Florida Keys has probably dodged the bullet  
>this year, there is a strong potential for low-level bleaching in the  
>northeastern Caribbean this year.  We have begun to accumulate Degree  
>Heating Weeks in most of this region.  The good news is that we have  
>only now reached the level of temperature stress that we had reached  
>by early August in 2005.  That means that it is highly unlikely that  
>we will accumulate substantial thermal stress before temperatures  
>begin to cool.

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