[Coral-List] Areas of Potential Bleaching in Caribbean

Richard Grigg rgrigg at soest.hawaii.edu
Wed Sep 27 16:39:48 EDT 2006

Coral listers,

         I think warming is a better term to describe temperature rise in 
the ocean than is heating.  And it is less inflammatory than heating, and 
it fits better with the opposite effect of cooling, and it is entrenched in 
the literature.  I vote we keep it.

                                                 Rick Grigg
                                                 Dept. of Oceanography, 
Univ. of Hi.

At 05:27 PM 9/26/2006 -0400, Steven Miller wrote:
>Why don't we coral-listers start using the word "heating" instead of
>warming, as suggested by James Lovelock and probably others too.  It's a
>simple change that better describes the negative consequences of the
>phenomenon.  Warming sounds like a good thing.  Heating, maybe not.
>Mark, maybe you can get NOAA to adopt this terminology?
>Mark Eakin wrote:
> >Warming continues in the area around the northern Lesser Antilles.
> >While it looks like the Florida Keys has probably dodged the bullet
> >this year, there is a strong potential for low-level bleaching in the
> >northeastern Caribbean this year.  We have begun to accumulate Degree
> >Heating Weeks in most of this region.  The good news is that we have
> >only now reached the level of temperature stress that we had reached
> >by early August in 2005.  That means that it is highly unlikely that
> >we will accumulate substantial thermal stress before temperatures
> >begin to cool.
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> >Cheers,
> >Mark
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