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Hi Luis,

For a good report on oil spills and coral reefs try 


IPIECA at   http://www.ipieca.org/ also have some excellent reports to
download on all aspects of the impacts of oil on marine habitats and the
remediation options


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Hello, I just subscribed.

My name is Luis Teodoro Gutierrez, male, 63, Christian, Cuban-American,
married to Lourdes 43 years, 2 children, 4 grandchildren.  Ph.D. systems
engineering Georgia Tech 1974, 30 years with IBM, now semi-retired.  My
retirement hobby is an independent research project and newsletter on
solidarity, sustainability, and non-violence.

Questions: what would be a good overview of coral reef ecosystems, how 
have they been impacted by ocean pollution such as oil spills, and is 
there any remediation possible?

Any suggestions/links would be appreciated.


Luis T. Gutierrez, Ph.D.
Editor, "Solidarity, Sustainability, and Non-Violence"
URL, http://pelicanweb.org/solisust.html
Email, luisgutierrez at peoplepc.com

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