[Coral-List] Terminology question: "coral holobiont"

Erin C. Hodel hodel at nova.edu
Mon Apr 2 11:05:20 EDT 2007

Dear Coral-List:

Can anyone please comment on the first person/paper(s) to coin and/or  
use the term "coral holobiont", referring to the coral animal,  
symbiotic zooxanthellae, and/or associated micro-organisms, bacteria,  
etc.?  I have used the term in my MS thesis manuscript and would like  
to cite the appropriate reference.  I have seen this term used when  
referring strictly to coral-algal symbioses as well. I have several  
papers from Knowlton and/or Rohwer et al. but was wondering if there  
are any earlier "seminal" papers?  Many thanks.

Erin Hodel
Graduate Student
National Coral Reef Institute
Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center
8000 North Ocean Drive
Dania Beach, FL  33004

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