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Announcement: Mia J. Tegner Memorial Research Grants in Marine
Historical Ecology and Environmental History 


Application Deadline:  June 1, 2007   


Purpose of Historical Ecology Research Grants - To fund high quality
studies examining past ecosystem conditions (i.e., historical
baselines). This work should be relevant to policy makers and
conservationists in their efforts to conserve and restore marine


Scope- The program will focus on projects from both natural and social
scientists that seek to uncover interactions between natural and human
history in the marine and estuarine environments worldwide. MCBI is
particularly interested in studies that seek to describe systems prior
to large-scale human impacts and industrialization. Research may draw on
sources ranging from culturally and geographically derived data, to
biological and physical data. Examples of possible information resources
include fishery data, letters, journals, interviews, oral histories,
historical documents, maps, photos, field surveys, etc. 


Programmatic Focus - MCBI seeks proposals that will study historical
marine ecology throughout the world, but we also have specific interests
in the following areas:

*	studies combining scientific with traditional knowledge, and/or
the significance of traditional resource management systems in
maintaining biological and cultural diversity, especially in the regions
of Northern Australia, South Pacific, Sea of Cortez and Gulf of
*	Ecological connections between diadromous fishes that depend on
river habitats and the populations of offshore predators such as tunas,
billfish, bluefish, and sharks that relay on diadromous species as
primary prey.  


Eligibility- MCBI invites individuals and collaborative teams from
academic institutions and non-governmental organizations to apply.
Preference will be given to graduate students, post-graduate
researchers, and early career scientists. Visit www.mcbi.org
<http://www.mcbi.org/>  or contact Dr. Lance Morgan at lance at mcbi.org


Application Guidelines- The deadline for submission is June 1, 2007.
Grants can range up to a maximum of $10,000 (USD) for a period no longer
than one year. We encourage electronic submissions. To minimize MCBI
processing time, applicants must limit proposals to 2 pages, plus
supporting documents. 


Please include:


1)         A concise project description, summary of methodology,
justification for the proposed project, expected impacts, and the
project's relevance to marine conservation (max 2 pgs).

2)         Supporting documentation should include:

*           1 pg. budget (with justification and detail on additional
sources of funding, if any)*

*           estimated timeframe

*           project collaborators and their affiliations 

*           curriculum vitae for the principle investigator

*           letter of support from primary academic advisor (if
applicant is a student or postdoc)

*           contact information for at least one referee or reference 


Applicants are responsible for submitting all proposal materials by the
deadline via email (PDF documents preferred, but MS Word and Excel
documents are acceptable). Please submit applications to: Angela Morgan,
Historical Ecologist, at angela at mcbi.org. 


Past recipients can be found at


* Eligible expenses and limitations

Tegner awards can be used for computing costs, equipment, shipping of
equipment, page charges, supplies, materials, salaries, consulting fees,
travel and expenses for residing at research sites are all acceptable
expenses. No funding will be available for administrative overhead,
capital expenditures, general funding or conference travel. 


Dr. Mia J. Tegner -

The late Dr. Mia J. Tegner, esteemed marine biologist at Scripps
Institution of Oceanography, studied the ecology of kelp forest
communities, sea urchins and abalone populations. Dr. Tegner was
particularly interested in understanding how marine populations and
ecosystems have changed as a result of human activities. Her dedication
to marine biology and contribution to a seminal paper on historical
ecology inspired Marine Conservation Biology Institute (MCBI) to create
this program to honor her legacy.





Elliott A. Norse, Ph.D., President

Marine Conservation Biology Institute

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www.mcbi.org <http://www.mcbi.org/> 




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