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Andia Chaves-Fonnegra andiachaves at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 16:46:37 EDT 2007

Hello Natalia:

I had been culture coral cells from Duncanopsamia sp., Galaxea sp.,
Acropora sp. and Siderastrea radians. I used as a culture medium M199
in most cases. To separate zooxanthellae you can use a Percoll
Gradient. It´s a little hard separate all the zooxanthellae from coral
cells but I think that is possible. In some of my gradients I could
clean samples and get coral cells only with few zooxanthellae (but it
wasn´t my objective take out all of them). For Percoll Gradient
technique or Ficol Gradient (other compound that you can use) check
some papers of sponge cells research:

Pomponi, S.A. and Willoughby, R. 1994. Sponge cell culture for
production of bioactive  metabolites. In Proceedings of the 4th
International Porifera Congress: Sponge in Time and Space, Amsterdam,
the Netherlands, 19-23 April 1993. Edited by RWM Van Soest, Th.M.G.
van Kempen and J.C. Braekman. A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam. pp. 395-400.

Richelle-Maurer, E. Gomez, R. Braekman, J-C. Van de Vyver, G. Van
Soest, R.W.M. and Devijver, C. 2003. Primary cultures form the marine
sponge Xestospongia muta (Petrosiidae, Haplosclerida). J. Biotechnol.
100: 169-176.

The pH for cultures medium or other solutions that you use has to be
close to 8.0.

For your coral cell cultures using different medium I recommended to
review the thesis of Andrea Shaw:

Shaw, A. 2004. Cellular interactions between a pathogenic fungus and a
gorgonian coral host. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
Cornell University.

Best regards,


Andia Chaves-Fonnegra
MSc. Biología Marina
Universidad Nacional de Colombia

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