[Coral-List] cultural significance of coral reefs in Hawai`i

Sara Peck peck at hawaii.edu
Wed Apr 25 19:52:17 EDT 2007

Aloha Miquel,
    I'm forwarding this to some practitioners who may be able to help us out.
Heilani Cahill, Damien Kenison, Luna Hauanio, Pohai Kirkland.
    Another source of information will be the oral history/traditions 
taken by Kepa Maly for various groups.  You might be able to find 
some of those on the internet.  Also try Dr. Craig Serverance, UH Hilo 974-7472
If you come up with some good information, please share it with us 
all, it strengthens us.
Sara Peck, UH Sea Grant College Program Coastal Resources Ext. Agent

At 11:56 PM 4/24/2007, Miguel Castrence wrote:
>I'm doing some exploratory research on the cultural significance of
>coral reefs, particularly in Hawai`i. I'm aware that the coral is
>mentioned in the origins of life in the Kumulipo, but I'd like to know
>if there were any cultural perspectives and practices that were specific
>to coral reef management. Would anyone happen to know of any relevant
>Miguel Castrence
>Department of Geography
>University of Hawai`i at Manoa
>miguel.castrence at hawaii.edu
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