[Coral-List] cultural significance of coral reefs in Hawai`i

Dwayne Meadows Dwayne.Meadows at noaa.gov
Thu Apr 26 13:25:52 EDT 2007

Aloha Miguel,

Two other classic references you might want to look up are:

Titcomb M. 1978. Native use of marine invertebrates in old Hawai‘i. 
Pacific Science 32:325-386.
Titcomb M. 1972. Native use of fish in Hawai‘i. Honolulu: University of 
Hawai‘i Press.

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>I'm doing some exploratory research on the cultural significance of
>coral reefs, particularly in Hawai`i. I'm aware that the coral is
>mentioned in the origins of life in the Kumulipo, but I'd like to know
>if there were any cultural perspectives and practices that were specific
>to coral reef management. Would anyone happen to know of any relevant
>Miguel Castrence
>Department of Geography
>University of Hawai`i at Manoa
>miguel.castrence at hawaii.edu
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