[Coral-List] follow-up: cultural significance of coral reefs in Hawai`i

Miguel Castrence miguel_castrence at fulbrightweb.org
Fri Apr 27 03:34:20 EDT 2007

Thanks for all your replies... I'm still sifting through all the 
information and contacts you've offered, and I will try my best to 
compile what I've gleaned. I realize that a great deal of information 
that I am seeking may not be documented in a systematic way, but as an 
academic endeavor, I wanted to conduct a proper literature review first.

I know my original posting was a bit vague, so I'd like to follow up 
with a clarification. At this stage, I'm not focused on documenting what 
exactly constitutes traditional ecological knowledge or cultural 
practices, but rather how environmental perceptions (values, beliefs, 
etc) and resource uses are evolving, and how this is influencing modern 
conservation science and management. 

Miguel Castrence
Department of Geography
University of Hawai`i at Manoa
miguel.castrence at hawaii.edu


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