[Coral-List] Caribbean Bleaching Spreadsheet Available

Tim McClanahan tmcclanahan at wcs.org
Thu Aug 2 10:58:57 EDT 2007

Mark's early warning about coral bleaching in the Florida Keys reminded me
that a spreadsheet has been developed for entering and partially analyzing
bleaching category data, specifically for the Caribbean. To use it one needs
to be able to identify corals to the genus or species and estimate the
extent of bleaching of each colony. The method has the advantage of giving
taxa and site-specific bleaching indices. It is available in the public
folder below along with a slide show that explains the method in more


The following papers present examples of a coordinated effort to study
bleaching using this method in a large number of sites through the
coordinated efforts of the authors.

McClanahan, T. R., M. Ateweberhan, C. R. Sebastian, N. A. J. Graham, S. K.
Wilson, M.M.M Guillaume, and H. Bruggemann 2007. Western Indian Ocean coral
communities, bleaching responses, and susceptibility to extinction. Marine
Ecology Progress Series 337:1-13.


McClanahan, T. R., M. Ateweberhan, C. Ruiz Sebastian, N. A. J. Graham, S. K.
Wilson, J. H. Bruggemann, and M. M. M. Guillaume. 2007. Predictability of
coral bleaching from synoptic satellite and in situ temperature
observations. Coral Reefs 10.1007/s00338-006-0193-7.

Tim McClanahan

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