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Andrew Baird andrew.baird at jcu.edu.au
Thu Aug 16 23:05:17 EDT 2007

Dear Colleagues,

The website of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies 
http://www.coralcoe.org.au/ has been upgraded to provide easier 
access to our scientific publications, with links to over 250 pdfs 
from 2005-2007.

You can also download the Centre's 2006 annual report at 
http://www.coralcoe.org.au/pub-annualreport.html for a comprehensive 
overview of recent activities.

Publications from 2006/7 include the following examples:

Almany, et al. (2007). Local Replenishment of Coral Reef Fish 
Populations in a Marine Reserve. Science 316(5825): 742-744.

Bellwood, et al. (2006). "Coral bleaching, reef fish community phase 
shifts and the resilience of coral reefs." Global Change Biology 
12(9): 1587-1594.

Dornelas, et al. (2006). "Coral reef diversity refutes the neutral 
theory of biodiversity." Nature 440(7080): 80-82.

Dove, S and O, Hoegh-Guldberg (2006). Chapter 11 - The Cell 
Physiology of Coral Bleaching. Coral Reefs and Climaet Change. S. 
Phinney, Strong and Hoegh-Guldberg, American Geophysical Union.

Hughes, TP, et al. (2007). Phase Shifts, Herbivory, and the 
Resilience of Coral Reefs to Climate Change. Current Biology 17(4): 360-365.

Kerr AM, Baird AH (2007) Natural barriers to natural disasters. 
Bioscience 57:102-103

Madin, JS and Connolly, SR (2006). "Ecological consequences of major 
hydrodynamic disturbances on coral reefs." Nature 444(7118): 477-480.

Markey KL, et al. (2007) Insecticides and a fungicide affect multiple 
coral life stages. Marine Ecology Progress Series 330:127-137

Munday, et al. (2006). "Diversity and flexibility of sex-change 
strategies in animals." Trends in Ecology and Evolution 21(2): 89-95.

Pandolfi, JM and Jackson, JBC (2006). "Ecological persistence 
interrupted in Caribbean coral reefs." Ecology Letters 9(7): 818-826.

Willis, BL, et al. (2006). "The Role of Hybridization in the 
Evolution of Reef Corals." Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and 
Systematics 37(1): 489-517.

............and many more.

For enquiries, please contact Louise.Taylor at jcu.edu.au

Louise Taylor
Office Manager / KPI Officer
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies
James Cook University
Ph: 07 4781 4000
Fax: 07 4781 6722  Email: 
<mailto:Louise.Taylor at jcu.edu.au>Louise.Taylor at jcu.edu.au

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