[Coral-List] Hurricane Dean data for Discovery Bay, Jamaica

Jim Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Mon Aug 20 07:47:53 EDT 2007

Our station at West Fore Reef in Discovery Bay, Jamaica, withstood 
Hurricane Dean. The maximum averaged hourly gusts measured at the 
station were 67.7 knots (77.9 mph), while maximum averaged hourly 
sustained winds were 48.5 knots (55.8 mph). The lowest barometer reading 
(hourly average) was about 997 millibars. Individual readings throughout 
each hour were no doubt higher and lower than these hourly averages. The 
station with calibrated instruments was just installed in June 
(http://dbjm1-log.blogspot.com), so the data should be pretty accurate.

To retrieve some of the data and view graphs, please visit,

So far as I am aware, these meteorological and oceanographic data are 
the most comprehensive (i.e., to include sea temperature, salinity, 
light, pCO2, winds, etc.) for a coral reef area before, during and after 
a hurricane. A biological survey will be conducted soon.

We hope for the best for all of Jamaica's citizens and their country. We 
have not heard from Peter Gayle of Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory yet.

  Sincerely yours,
   The ICON/CREWS Team
   Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
   Miami, Florida

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