[Coral-List] PAR sensor/logger (Andrew Trevor-Jones)

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Wed Aug 22 17:57:27 EDT 2007


This question was asked a year or so ago on the list and one great
option was a logger from Data Flow Systems in New Zealand:


I purchased one and it works very well.  It is submersible to 
20 metres.  I have taken mine to 30 metres without a problem.

The only drawback with the logger is that it floats.  This means
you will need to build something to hold it down.  For mine, I used
PVC piping and then attached a weight to the base.

Here is a photograph of the logger at Steve's Bommie on the GBR
showing the PVC holder and weight:


> Dear colleagues
> Can anyone please advise where i could purchase a portable seawater 
> submersible PAR sensor/logger.
> So far i have come across PAR sensors which are submersible in 
> seawater with loggers that are not. The sensors are connected to the
> loggers by underwater cables.
> However i would like to place the sensor with the logger at sea to 
> be retrieved on a weekly/monthly basis
> Many thanks
> Ruby
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