[Coral-List] Shark Slaughter

craig cooper craig_cooper at mac.com
Thu Aug 23 14:48:17 EDT 2007


Shark fin soup, prized as a delicacy in Asia, has generated a worldwide 
billion dollar industry, where more than 100 million sharks are killed 
each year.  The process of "finning" involves cutting off the shark's 
fins, after which the rest of the animal is thrown overboard, often 
still alive.  Despite surviving longer than any other large animal on 
earth,  their populations are rapidly declining.  In fact, the numbers 
of some shark species have fallen more than 90 per cent.  The 
elimination of sharks is having a direct affect on the health of coral 
reefs and the oceans as a whole.  Researchers at the Scripps Institute 
of Oceanography are currently studying this issue.  Hopefully this 
research and the dissemination of this information to the public will 
bring an end to this wholesale slaughter.

  Craig Cooper
  Sharkwater Team

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