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David Evans davidjevans1818 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 15:38:31 EDT 2007

  Just as a quick response to your question (without a lot of background  on its actual 'ranking' as 'most' remote atoll; That is - there likely  might be other candidates much better fill that spot) ... I'd say look  at the Chagos Archapelago in the Indian Ocean. It's pretty much smack  dab in the middle with no large continental land masses near by  (nearest may be several thousand miles - I forget the actual numbers  off hand). I was part of a coral reef survey effort there, at Diego  Garcia, in 2004. The island group is part of the British Indian Ocean  Terrritory and is made up of a number of individual atoll islands of  various sizes. The US Navy currently has its base on the Island of  Diego Garcia (with an almost 95% enclosed lagoon). Because of the  Navy's presence there, the local inhabitants had been removed from the  entire archapelago (sometime around the early 70s). There is some  recent/current impact (small) on the Diego Garcia Atoll itself  (dredging,
 fishing, runoff, etc), but the other atolls had been mostly  untouched since the removal. There were cocanut plantations on some of  the islands (mainly Diego Garcia?). It's history is worth looking into.  Atoll Research Bulletin (Vol???) dedicated a whole issue to it a while  back.
  It certainly must rank up there on any list you will generate...
  Hope this is helpful...
  Best Regards,
  David J. Evans
  (PS - as I said it's history is interesting as well, also acting to  keep human impacts restricted. The Islanders are currently fighting in  British courts for their right to return to the islands.) 
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Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 09:33:10 +1000
From: Russell Kelley <russellkelley at mac.com>
Subject: [Coral-List] Most remote / least impacted atoll?
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Dear Coralisterers

I have enjoyed using Google Earth to view the atolls mentioned by  
Arthur in the current discussion of the "Mystery Event".

This set me wondering where to look to see an atoll with the least  
"impact" - w.r.t. roads / rows of coconut palms etc.

I like to use Google Earth to see examples of atolls showing entirely  
natural vegetation  / sediment patterns.

All suggestions welcome.



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