[Coral-List] Mystery Event - Lankayan Island, Sulu Sea, Sandkan

Jeremy Kerr Jeremy_Kerr at csumb.edu
Wed Aug 29 01:54:27 EDT 2007

According to "Environmental Politics and Policy" by Walter A. Rosenbaum, the microbe Pfiestreia piscicida caused a "sudden, dramatic increase in fish kills between 1991 and 1993 within North Carolina's vast estuaries."  Along with large numbers of
dead fish, there was a strong smell that burned the eyes and nose, but it was not that of dead fish.  The cause of the deaths was intially assumed due to anoxic water.  However, research found high levels of nitrogen and phosophorus caused a
population explosion in P piscicida.  The microbe population infected the fish, which lead to the die-off.  A quick web search shows this was not an isolated incident.  After reading the discussion on Coral List regarding the Lankayan Island
incident, I think a microbe is the most likely suspect in this "who-done-it."  


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