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 Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 8:37:32 -0500
 From: Will Davis <willp2 at tds.net>
 Subject: Re: Bti
 Bti   RE: Bacillus thurigiensis israelensis,  strain.....
 It is informative to read the EPA fact sheet for BTi. that spells out application for mosquito control and the different risks that are reported. It isn’t clear from the fact sheet, however, that different BTi strains may have historically had different applications, i.e. targeted various  insect larvae  (over the decades,  all the way back to ‘Japanese beetles). The pesticide gospel says the bacterium multiplies specifically within the gut of the insect and not harmful to other species. Detection in the field (dust, sediments) would be expected. However, culture and growth with in marine organisms is not expected and if it were demonstrated, would be considered a potential ecological risk.
  BTi  has been considered a successful example among ‘bioremedial’ pest control agents. They (BMs) are approaches to pest ‘management’ that  reduces or replaces use of persistent chemicals. There were examples of other proposed bioremedials that didn’t get registered  due to side effects upon ‘non-target’ species.
 Field detection of presence, per se, in a sponge for instance, does not in  itself demonstrate pathogenicity. Potential induction of pathogenic effects needs to be examined There are folks, even in EPA research labs, who could do this, if management would allow it.

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