[Coral-List] 2008 Ocean Sciences Meeting Session on the Caribbean

Luz Raquel Hernández-Cruz chamaquita at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 31 20:37:09 EDT 2007

Hello All,

We would greatly appreciate if you could distribute the information below.

We respectfully invite you to consider submitting an abstract to a special
session in the 2008 Ocean Sciences Meeting to be held March 2-7, 2008,
in Orlando, Florida


135: What is Being Done in the Caribbean? Who, How and Why, Should We Be
Partners? for the 2008 Ocean Sciences Meeting to be held March 2-7, 2008,
in Orlando, Florida.  In order to have your abstract considered for
acceptance, you must submit before the abstract deadline of October 2,
2007. http://www.aslo.org/orlando2008/

Session Organizers: Warner Ithier-Guzman, University of South Florida,
ithiergu at marine.usf.edu; Ashanti J. Pyrtle, University of South Florida,
apyrtle at marine.usf.edu; Marietta Mayo, University of South Florida,
mmayo at marine.usf.edu; Nekesha Williams, University of South Florida,
nwilliams at marine.usf.edu

Session Description: The Caribbean region comprises several unique
tropical and sub-tropical ecosystems containing a variety of ecological
and geological formations, a wide spectrum of endemic species, volcanoes,
and one of the deepest trenches in the world. The presence of coral reefs,
mangrove forests and seagrass beds and their associated communities, offer
a range of recreational and educational opportunities. These ecosystems
sensitive to fast changing conditions; offer economic resources that are
becoming limited and the intense anthropogenic impact can accelerate
environmental changes. There is a need to document and exchange
information on current and past efforts to understand the environmental
interactions of these important and unique ecosystems within the Caribbean
region. Understanding the relationships between terrestrial, coastal and
marine environments is a critical step towards efficiently and effectively
managing these resources. This session is intended to bring together
researchers, institutions, land and coastal managers and decision makers
with diverse training conducting research in the Caribbean. The key aims
of the session will be to: (1) share experience and expertise, (2) discuss
and develop future plans for sustainable development in the Caribbean
Region and (3) integrate science knowledge to increase our understanding
on Caribbean tropical ecosystems.

Marietta Mayo
College Of Marine Science
University of South Florida
140 Seventh Ave. South
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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