[Coral-List] National Park Service Marine Ecologist Position Announcement (GS-12)

Matt_Patterson at nps.gov Matt_Patterson at nps.gov
Mon Dec 3 09:42:21 EST 2007

We are recruiting for the team leader of our marine monitoring branch of
the South Florida/Caribbean Inventory and Monitoring Program.  The
incumbent is responsible for a team of scientists as the lead diver, the
safety of the dive team and the completion of marine monitoring activities
underwater. Incumbent will work with the community ecologist, quantitative
ecologist, and network coordinator to develop both short and long term
plans, and assess trends of the SFCN Vital Sign indicators.

The incumbent will ensure the marine program complements the non-marine
monitoring and data management programs. The incumbent will be responsible
for ensuring work plan objectives are met which include data collection,
entry, Quality Assurance /Quality Control, and analysis.  The incumbent
will be required to forecast and track marine monitoring program budget.

This position will require extensive multi-agency collaboration to ensure
data compatibility and efficiency in regional monitoring activities.
Monitoring results will be reported in several ways to include distribution
on the web, internal communications and technical reports; and presentation
of findings to NPS management, the public, and scientific audiences.

Additional duties include technical assistance to network parks needing
advice on monitoring protocols as well as benthic habitat mapping for
network parks.   Incumbent will serve as the lead for marine Vital Signs
monitoring program, with core monitoring activities to include Marine
Benthic Community monitoring (Coral reefs and Submerged Aquatic Vegetation)
Marine Fish Community monitoring, Water Quality monitoring, and Marine
Exploited Invertebrate monitoring.

The incumbent will lead a team split between two duty stations in South
Florida and St. John (fisheries biologist and two biological technicians).
The incumbent will be responsible for management of the South
Florida/Caribbean Inventory & Monitoring dive program.

To view the Vacancy Announcement, please visit:


and search position #  AT155565

For more information about the South Florida/Caribbean Inventory and
Monitoring Network, please visit:


Please forward this message to all interested parties.

Matt Patterson
South Florida / Caribbean Network Coordinator
National Park Service
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Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
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