[Coral-List] Sunscreen effect on corals

Sara Peck peck at hawaii.edu
Mon Dec 3 22:11:04 EST 2007

I second that request.
If any one has done anything on this please let me know as well!   I 
haven't found anything useful  and many lay persons here are saying 
sunscreen is not good for corals but I don't know of or have any 
solid research to refer to.
Happy holidays,
Sara Peck, UH Sea Grant College Program Coastal Resources Extension Agent

Many thanks in advanceAt 11:50 PM 12/2/2007, you wrote:

At 11:50 PM 12/2/2007, Kee Alfian wrote:
>Dear All,
>I am currently looking into affect of sunscreen solution to corals 
>for my Ph.D research in Malaysia. I have been searching all over for 
>any papers or reference on the topic which has been conducted 
>elsewhere, which came out zero. Can anyone advice me on similar 
>research which has been conducted?
>Thanks in advance..
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