[Coral-List] Sunscreen effect on corals

Curtis Kruer kruer at 3rivers.net
Tue Dec 4 13:41:30 EST 2007


Maybe there's a reason that there is no research or no data on that 
subject.  It ranks right up there with swimmers urinating and microbes 
in wet suits as concerns of impacts to corals.  I'd suggest that 
research into direct anthropogenic impacts to corals focus on anchor 
damage, physical impacts of careless divers, trap fisheries that drop 40 
lb traps onto coral and wrap poly line around them, illegal harvesting, 
dredging, siltation, groundings, etc.  Maybe if we could get 
universities and other programs  to bite the bullet and focus on 
difficult real world  issues we could gain some ground.  

Just a thought.

C. Kruer

Sara Peck wrote:

>I second that request.
>If any one has done anything on this please let me know as well!   I 
>haven't found anything useful  and many lay persons here are saying 
>sunscreen is not good for corals but I don't know of or have any 
>solid research to refer to.
>Happy holidays,
>Sara Peck, UH Sea Grant College Program Coastal Resources Extension Agent
>Many thanks in advanceAt 11:50 PM 12/2/2007, you wrote:
>At 11:50 PM 12/2/2007, Kee Alfian wrote:
>>Dear All,
>>I am currently looking into affect of sunscreen solution to corals 
>>for my Ph.D research in Malaysia. I have been searching all over for 
>>any papers or reference on the topic which has been conducted 
>>elsewhere, which came out zero. Can anyone advice me on similar 
>>research which has been conducted?
>>Thanks in advance..
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