[Coral-List] Only 10 days left for 11th ICRS abstract submission!

11th ICRS secretariat_11icrs at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 5 10:13:48 EST 2007

Time for submitting abstracts for the 11th International Coral Reef
Symposium Science Program is running out. ABSTRACTS ARE DUE BY DECEMBER 15,
2007. There are only 10 days left! Submission is done online at
The following Mini-Symposia may be of interest:
"Coral Reef Organisms as Recorders of Local and Global Environmental Change"
(MS 4)
Malcolm McCulloch - Malcolm.McCulloch at anu.edu.au
Peter Swart - pswart at rsmas.miami.edu
Brad Rosenheim
"Reef Connectivity" (MS 14)
Paul Barber - pbarber at bu.edu
Heather Galindo
Bob Warner
"Coral Reef Associated Fisheries" (MS 22)
Tim McClanahan - tmcclanahan at wcs.org
Nicholas Polunin
Nicholas Graham
Aaron MacNeil
The complete list of 11th ICRS Mini-Symposia can be viewed at
Thank you all and we look forward to your participation. 
11th ICRS Local Organizing Committee






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