[Coral-List] More on interesting interactions between divers and reefs

Shanee.Stopnitzky at sce.com Shanee.Stopnitzky at sce.com
Thu Dec 6 13:00:56 EST 2007

It ends with us doing everything in our power to not knowingly destroy or 
contribute to the destruction of precious resources. It does NOT end with 
divers feeling inconvenienced that they cannot wear sunscreen or uncoated 
lead weights; they are not entitled to do so to the detriment of an 
indeterminable number of other people and organisms. 

Warmest wishes,

>>>>>Dear List,

True there has been quite a number of studies on the interaction of 
divers with reefs.  The one that I have not seen is the effect of diver 
lead.  (Yes, I know that lead and lead salts are generally considered 

However, a year or two ago I was told that the Island of Bonaire Marine 
Park Authority was considering a ban on uncoated lead weights.  All 
divers would be required to use coated weights. 

This might be one of those 'urban myths'.  Perhaps someone from the MPA 
could respond.

Where does it end??


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