[Coral-List] sunscreen and lead dive weights

Gene Shinn eshinn at marine.usf.edu
Sat Dec 8 12:06:26 EST 2007

Gee, I had no idea a little sunscreen would go so far! As for lead, 
be careful of coated weights made in China. There may be lead in the 
coating!!..Seriously this was an issue in the Dept of Interior about 
3 years ago (before I retired) when I was on the Dive Safety 
Committee.  I would guess that thousands of tax payers dollars were 
spent on this one. It also included the lead weights used by 
hydrologists when they hang current measurement devices from bridges 
and boasts. Can you believe they actually touch those things with 
their hands?? It kept the safety department busy for months..and all 
the trees that died because of the paper used for all those letters 
and e-mails that got printed and pasted on bulletin boards.  Somehow 
I survived over 50 years of diving with lead weights...Maybe that's 
why I write letters like this. Umm Happy holidays, Gene

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