[Coral-List] More on interesting interactions between divers and reefs

Osmar Luiz Jr osmarjljr at terra.com.br
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The mechanic action of he bubbles isn't the only problem..  remember that 
the sessile invertebrates attached on the top of the cave or the ceiling of 
a wreck are gone be out of water when bubbles becames trapped on the top...

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> Just more food for thought. As someone who has worked in the water on the 
> the reefs for the past 20 years, something I've observed that divers do 
> that I've seen do tremendous damage to coral habitats and corals but is 
> little addressed is divers entering caves or going under over-hanging 
> structures and releasing spent air. The force and action of these bubbles 
> knock loose fragile stylasterine corals among other organisms. Has anyone 
> ever addressed this impact in any way?
>        Best regards, Lonnie Kaczmarsky> To: 
> coral-list at coral.aoml.noaa.gov> From: Shanee.Stopnitzky at sce.com> Date: 
> Thu, 6 Dec 2007 10:00:56 -0800> Subject: Re: [Coral-List] More on 
> interesting interactions between divers and reefs> > It ends with us doing 
> everything in our power to not knowingly destroy or > contribute to the 
> destruction of precious resources. It does NOT end with > divers feeling 
> inconvenienced that they cannot wear sunscreen or uncoated > lead weights; 
> they are not entitled to do so to the detriment of an > indeterminable 
> number of other people and organisms. > > Warmest wishes,> Shanee> > 
>  >>>>>Dear List,> > True there has been quite a number of studies on the 
> interaction of > divers with reefs. The one that I have not seen is the 
> effect of diver > lead. (Yes, I know that lead and lead salts are 
> generally considered > insoluble).> > However, a year or two ago I was 
> told that the Island of Bonaire Marine > Park Authority was considering a 
> ban on uncoated le
> ad weights. All > divers would be required to use coated weights. > > This 
> might be one of those 'urban myths'. Perhaps someone from the MPA > could 
> respond.> > Where does it end??> > John> 
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