[Coral-List] Opportunities for Shark Research on Adult Lemon Sharks (Negaprion brevirostris), at Jupiter, Florida January – March 2008

Katie Gledhill misskatiekat at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 23:11:21 EST 2007

*Opportunities for Shark Research on Adult Lemon Sharks (Negaprion
brevirostris), at Jupiter, Florida January – March 2008*

Volunteer positions assisting research on *Aggregations of Adult Lemon
Sharks* off Jupiter, Florida are available from January 15 to March 2008.

For the coming season we are collaborating with marine biologists from
Bimini Biological Field Station (BBFS) and universities in the US, UK and
Canada, conducting field research on the population dynamics and behavior of
aggregating adult lemon sharks (*Negaprion brevirostris*).

As part of the program, an array of VR2 acoustic receivers has placed in
strategic locations between Palm Beach and Jupiter Florida to track the
shark's movements. To obtain individuals to track, we will attempt to
collect a number of adult lemon sharks to be worked up, fitted with
transmitters and immediately released.  Workup includes, measuring,
attaching various tags and transmitters, taking DNA samples and if possible
urine samples.   DNA samples taken from all captured lemons and will be
analyzed as part of a large genetic study on sharks from several locations
in the US, Bahamas and Brazil.

Diving in 30 m depth will be done to both observe the aggregations and to
service the VR2 monitors.  We will collect bait by diving as well.  Experience
with SCUBA and particularly use of re-breathers is an advantage although not
essential.  Help with the extensive logistics will be needed for all
collecting and diving trips.  Housing and meals will be provided

In addition to the Jupiter study, lemon shark projects are underway in
Bimini, Bahamas and at the Marquesas Keys in Florida.

If you have a biological background or interest in this project and wish to
join the Jupiter Research Team as a volunteer, please contact Dr. Gruber at
sgruber at rsmas.miami.edu with a copy to Kat Gledhill (BBFS Station Manager)
at bbfssharklab at gmail.com for further information and an application form.
Please also visit our website at www.miami.edu/sharklab for details about
our research, courses and Field Station located in Bimini, Bahamas.

Cordially Yours,

Samuel H. Gruber

Director BBFS and Professor Emeritus

Kat Gledhill
Lab Manager
Bimini Biological Field Station
Bimini, Bahamas


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