[Coral-List] responses to bleaching predictions

Ruben van Hooidonk rubski at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 19:53:58 EST 2007


As a student I'm interested in techniques that predict coral
bleaching. Short-term bleaching forecasts can be used in the
management of existing MPAs. And techniques to predict coral bleaching
such as DHW are cited as an important tool for managing reefs in "A
Reef Manager's Guide to Coral Bleaching" (Marshall and Schuttenberg
2006). From the guide:

The strong relationship between temperature and the onset of mass
bleaching allows managers to estimate the risk of coral bleaching
based on forecast and observed climatic conditions and sea
temperatures. This ability allows a manager to be the source of timely
and credible information about bleaching risk for decision-makers,
stakeholders and the media. Additionally, it provides important
information needed for impact assessment and management responses.

I would like to know from the list if there is any information on:

1) How often policy makers, MPA managers or other decision makers
actually use the short term bleaching predictions such as the Degree
Heating Week method?
2) What management responses have there been to predictions of bleaching?
3) What do MPA managers or stakeholders actually do with the
information, are there any active mitigation/adaptation actions being

Responses from MPA managers and policy/decision makers are much
appreciated, as are references to literature answering these

Thank you,

Ruben van Hooidonk
Purdue University

Marshall P.A. and Schuttenberg, H.Z. (2006).  A Reef Manager's Guide
to Coral Bleaching.  Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority,
Australia (ISBN 1-876945-40-0)

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