[Coral-List] As Promised: Reefs on the Web

Barbie Bischof bbischof at rsmas.miami.edu
Fri Dec 14 12:08:34 EST 2007

Hi Everyone,
As I promised a few months ago while researching for the Bytes section  
for Dec's issue of "Environment", here is (part of) the collection of  
websites on coral reefs and reef-related resources.  This list comes  
mainly from the research I did, but many are websites that the coral- 
list community sent to me.  I'm still working on it, but I would  
welcome any suggestions, comments...

Website address: http://barbiemail.googlepages.com/home

Have a safe holiday.

--Barbie Bischof

bbischof at fsu.edu
bbischof at rsmas.miami.edu
barbiemail at gmail.com

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