[Coral-List] Transportation of coral larvae

Albert Norström albert at ecology.su.se
Mon Dec 17 07:38:37 EST 2007


I'm planning to conduct lipid analysis on the larvae of F.fragum. This  
is best carried out back home in Sweden, so I'll have to transport the  
wee ones from Curacao. Now I know that lyophilization is the best way  
to preserve my samples before the trip, but the equipment to carry  
this out in field will not be available. I've talked to some  
biochemists at my departmement who claim that oven-drying the larvae  
on the day of the flight should be enough to preserve them for the  
trip home (and then immediately dump them in a -60 celsius freezer on  
arrival in Sweden). Im just wondering if anybody senses this is a  
recipe for disaster, or if it sounds like a good and sound plan. If  
anybody has any suggestions, then please send me an email!


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