[Coral-List] What can SCIENTISTS do??

Alan E Strong Alan.E.Strong at noaa.gov
Wed Dec 19 10:12:50 EST 2007

This is, of course, a generational issue and sadly there are no "quick 
fixes" here...what anyone group/nation does over the next few years 
won't be realized in our reefs/globally for decades -- talk to an 
atmospheric chemist if you do not understand -- the experiment is 
underway unfortunately!  All we can do is slow these trends down as we 
apply "the brakes"....and we must do all we can [afford]!!  My fear is 
that we will tend to get even more skeptical in our impatience for the 
"quick fix."

To be aware of the improvements we make along the way will take careful 
monitoring at key sites.

We also must improve our management efforts to maximize recovery and 
keep those dire consequences of climate change as minimal as possible.

As per the Aussie shuttle issue to their marine science 
institution....they are way ahead of the curve already!

These cars are NOT individual cars but car pools of filled cars...3-5 
persons per car that are maintained by the institute.  If only the rest 
of us could either make more use of shuttle carpools, telecommuting, 
such as they have employed for years, we would all be better off....make 
more use of trains [rather than large trucks.]...etc!!!


Paul Muir said the following on 12/18/2007 11:35 PM:
> What can scientists do?  Perhaps a little more! 
> Here's an amusing example: a certain Australian marine science
> institution (that shall remain nameless!) which issues dire warnings
> about the impacts of climate change. Situated approx 50km from the city
> where most of its staff live they use a fleet of around 50 large
> government cars to make the return trip each day. Any suggestions that
> they would reduce greenhouse gases and costs by using a couple of
> coaches instead are met with howls of protest and intricate arguments
> that suggest that it would somehow cost more! 
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