[Coral-List] electric cars powered up by windmills

Michael Arvedlund arvedlund at speedpost.net
Wed Dec 19 13:59:37 EST 2007

Comment to Paul Muir: Many people agree that we need to go for electric
cars (have a look at this one here:  www.teslamotors.com/, powered up
every night by this construction here: www.vestas.com/en/wind-power-
solutions) but when it comes to go for these items, most seem reluctant
to do it. Excuses are thousand fold. Some excuses are right out
ridiculous. Or it is not practically possible at present: I can’t find
an electric car I can afford, and even If I could I don’t have any
windmills nearby to power it up by every night because nobody wants a
windmill near their house. Court cases are numerous currently in e.g.
Northern Europe from people that don’t want windmill parks near their
private house (I would love to have one, but I belong to a minority
group in Europe). Maybe people will change their mind when their house
drowns by increasing flooding. But it would be better if it does not
come to such a dire situation of course. Cheers, Mike Arvedlund. Happy
holidays to everyone on this truly great discussion site.

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