[Coral-List] What can SCIENTISTS do??

JKoven at aol.com JKoven at aol.com
Sun Dec 30 18:33:28 EST 2007

What can everyone do? 
1.   Improve public transportation and make it cheaper.
If governments understood the threats of climate change, then public 
transportation would either be free or close to it so that the choice between driving 
and taking a bus or train involved a serious budgetary choice.   Billions that 
are wasted elsewhere could be diverted to cover the costs, and an increase in 
the transportation tax that is now incorporated into state government budgets 
for road building, would be necessary.   If it is easier and cheaper to take 
public transportation, folks will travel that way most of the time.

I live in an area (DC-USA) where metro/subway fares are rising to a level 
that competes with the cost of driving and parking.   The fees will be highest 
for those traveling during rush hours, a sure recipe for an increased number of 
cars on the roads and gridlock.   

2. Impose higher electric usage rates on office and public buildings that 
keep their lights on at night when no one is present and do not reduce thermostat 
settings at night. Take a look at the night time view from space images - or 
fly at low altitude over your own area. You can see where electricity lights 
the sky.   Why have a very warm building if few people are there?   

Only vast reductions in power usage can change this planet's climate future.  

Joan Koven
Astrolabe, Inc.
601 Springloch Road, Silver Spring, MD 20904

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