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Juan F Urich j_urich at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 1 13:09:37 EST 2007

Dear listers : I greatly appreciate your suggestions regarding the following questions that came to my mind while dealing with R.V O´Neill and De Angelis book "A Hierarchical concept of Ecosystems". Chapter 3 "Ecosystem as systems".
  This questions arise in the search for a proper system to further explore  the Resilience / Perturbation relation:
  The questions are:
  Do small coral assemblages and associated species (ranging from fish to microrganism), dabling trough or stablished in discrete dead coral boulders, have a recognizable homeorhetic trophic structures?
  If yes, do these trophic structures persist and change through time and space independently of their species composition? 
  Are these questions properly formulated?. If not, suggestions are welcomed.
  MSc. Juan F Urich
  from March 2007 Phd. candidate at:  Laboratorio de Biología Teórica
                                                        Instituto de Zoología Tropical
                                                        Facultad de Ciencias
                                                        Universidad Central de Venezuela

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