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Felimon Gayanilo and I (with lots of help from advisors and sponsors) have
designed and built an educational game about coral reef management,
ReefRanger Hawaii, sponsored by the truly visionary leadership of the
Hawaiian Coral Reef Initiative. The player faces a series of cameras focused
on parts of the hypothetical watershed and reef. Responses to questions lead
to recovery or damage, and credits towards promotion (or not). The imagery
consists of a large number of video clips from custom-built 3D animations,
linked to questions via custom software, both built by Felimon. Instructors
can easily customize the questions simply by filling in some digital forms. 

The game is intended to help inform students and others about the
complexities of managing coral reefs. All of the scenes display Hawaiian
species. However, the question series address a lot of widespread issues.  

The game will likely be in official final form by May 2007. However, please
feel free to download the near-final program at www.ncoremiami.org and send
us feedback so that we can keep improving it. More information is also
available at the game's more permanent home, the HCRI website


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Hi folks,
I teach at a liberal arts college and am always looking for more good 
papers, texts, websites, movies to use in class. Not sure if its 
appropriate to ask on this listserve (I'm a bit new to it) but could 
other educators and researchers recommend some favorite materials they 
use to teach coral reef ecology to college students?  Naturally I'd be 
happy to share my own as well.
Thanks, Brad

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