[Coral-List] [WW2BW] Waste management resources and databases for wider Caribbean region

Paul Sanchez-Navarro paulsn at ceakumal.org
Wed Feb 7 21:51:05 EST 2007

Very interesting work!. We would be interested to see what sort of actions are being taken in the Southern Caribbean regarding waste management and runnoff because we get a tremendous amount of household waste washing up on our beaches each day, from Southern Caribbean states. We have a list of countries from which the garbage comes.  
  Likewise, we are working on waste management issues along the Mexican Caribbean, to make sure waste (solid and liquid) is not reaching the sea and damaging the reef. 

"SouthernCaribbean.Org" <southern_caribbean at yahoo.com> wrote:
          As part of our local ICZM Aruba program (www.iczmaruba.org) and its parent Southern Caribbean program for ICZM in the Caribbean (www.southerncaribbean.org) we are in search of resources and databases for use in a comparative analysis (quantitative and qualitative analyis) of the Southern part of the Wider Caribbean.

We are looking in particular for Solid Waste Management resources to be able to compare SWM collection, recycling, processing, disposal and storage policies, rates and fees for residential and industrial waste collection.

We are also looking for resoruces and databases with regard to waste collection (solid and liquid wastes) in ports and corresponding MARPOL port reception facilities, again including also on fees charged.

And finally we are looking for resoruces and databases detailing land based sources of contamination and waste, including sewage, agricultural and urban runoff, and their documented effects on marine ecosystems in the Caribbean.

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