[Coral-List] Sediment and Stress

Gene Shinn eshinn at marine.usf.edu
Fri Feb 9 11:13:49 EST 2007

James, Looks like you may have read into my posting things I did not 
write. Did I say "no effects on current day reef building corals" ?? 
Did I not mention polyp retraction? Did I not say corals were 
healthier in the mid 1970s? Did I  say tests of only  96 hrs are 
sufficient?  Did I say dredging is not a problem? Did I advocate 
dredging? Finally, I agree with you last sentence, "I suggest you try 
these experiments for longer durations as I have done with thermal 
stress in combination and then observe the differences." That's what 
I have been trying to get some one (preferably a biologist) to do all 
along. Sounds like David Hopley may have done it. Gene

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