[Coral-List] Dr. J. Harold Hudson

Todd Barber reefball at reefball.com
Fri Feb 9 14:12:59 EST 2007

The Reef Ball Foundation sends its highest congratulations to Harold for an 
honor well deserved.

Harold Hudson is our hero and inspiration in working to rehabilitate reefs 
around the world.

Another great accomplishment that many of you might not be aware of Harold's 
was the invention of a method of building
reefs from rocks, sand and cement that we affectionally call "Layer Cakes."

Harold gave our Foundation his blessing to use his design in conjunction 
with our Reef Ball molds to create a reef like shape
and now his invention is being used around the world in projects to create 
marine habitats.

Our Coral Team has also used Harold's pioneering coral planting strategies 
and hydrostatic cementing techniques combined them with coral propagation 
techniques to inspired a whole new scale of coral reef rehabilitation.  His 
pioneering work made possible massive restoration efforts such as
Antigua where over 10,000 coral colonies were planted.

Harold is a true inventor and sharer of ideas to help save our world's 
reefs.  And he is a hero we should all inspire to be like.  We are all in 
his debt.


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