[Coral-List] removal of organics from carbonate sand for particle size analysis

Ling Ong ongl at hawaii.edu
Fri Feb 9 18:27:09 EST 2007

I am looking for a viable method to remove mainly algae from the
sand particles  in parrotfish guts to determine the sand particle sizes
that parrotfish create. I am thinking of either ashing at 450 deg C or
using sodium hypochlorite. Does anyone have any input? I have read that
CaC03 may still vaporize at 450 deg C while sodium chlorite is fairly
stable with CaCO3.

I'm also a little confused as to the times to use, ashing
times have ranged from 5mins to an hour, and for sodium hypochlorite, from
15 mins with boiling to 3 days without boiling. How does one know when
the organics are
really gone and when to stop?

Ling Ong
PhD. Student
University of Hawaii, Dept of Zoology,
2538 The Mall, Edmondson Hall,
Honolulu HI 968922
email:ongl at hawaii.edu

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