[Coral-List] coralportal

Hennige, Sebastian J sjhenn at essex.ac.uk
Wed Feb 14 09:38:42 EST 2007

Dear Coral-Listers, 

I have been a subscriber to CORAL LIST for some time now and I noticed
repeated questions often asking for the same references.  In light of
this and recent posts regarding such issues, I have set up a website
which I think has the potential to deal with such queries.  The website
hosts a forum split into subject areas (coral-related) where people can
ask for and post references. The idea of the site is to compliment CORAL
LIST by being a resource for 'reference questions'. 

The site is called "coralportal" and its address is simply

Best regards,
Sebastian Hennige
PhD student
Coral Reef Research Unit
University of Essex
sjhenn at essex.ac.uk

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